one day katie,buddy,ester and are at super hero hq

and ester testing the city secrurity ok lets see katie is the cameras at the bank on?yes ester says katie alright

taylor how is the mall doing?i don't know and i don't care!

im' sick and like tierd of this life you always are telling me what to do!!im' not like your slave!!says taylor angery well im' sorry but we have to keep this planet safe says ester

taylor tranceforms in to esters form well im' sorry but we have to keep this planet safe BLA!!say tayor in the form of ester

turning back to her form and stomping out the door bye and good ridince!!will she be ok?? asks katie i hope so i just hope she is not going to riun everything because she is mad says ester with a sigh so now we see taylor stoming through the city and tira walks up to her,taylor can you help me i can't deside if i should were the pink dress or the purple dress?who care!says taylor running even farthor what the hairball is wrong with her? asks tira i can't beleave that ester how come she is the leader i wish i could boss her around to show that no good goody goody show off what im' made of!says taylor to herselfshe is looking at the ground while walking now we see karma stomping through the city i can't beleave that vannessa how come she is the leader i wish i could boss her around to show that bad for nothing vannessa show what im' made of no one gets me angery and gets away with it!says karma as she runs into a cat she does not know who is taylor but she is unknown to this,MOVE IT!taylor and karma say at the same time and suprised to see both of them saying the same thing ok who are you and why are you copying me?they both asked at the same time,AHHH!!!they both yelled who are you?taylor asked im' karma wait...does karma mean you get pay back or somthing?asked taylor yes now i need to know who you are

asked karma oh im taylor but what i don't get is we look the same?well i was just in your form hold on she turns back to here form now taylor is suprised to see a white cat with purple hair and a black dress and black heels

what?!you can change form!?too? asks taylor what do you mean too?asks karma well i can change form too

whatch taylor turned into ester see?wow says karma is that like werid i mean we are like friends and we are from 2 different sides?asks karma friends?says taylor and from then on out they were friends and will it stay that way

well till next episode the end!!