Karma cat

i miss named it it is taylor

V.Rose Oh My Ahh Feat

V.Rose Oh My Ahh Feat. Flame

her waiting

I bet I can do it without even trying!


Taylor is a cat who is a show off and a cat who thinks she can be a hero by herself and beats ALL or ANY villan. But she learns that she can't do it alone,she has a negitive additude on things,she is the sister of katie cat.

Also, she loves atention and will do anything to get it. She is the second most inportant to everyone she"believes". She can be compared to Daffy Duck from "Looney Toons" and Tuffy Smurf from "The Smurfs" and rainbow dash from "my little ponies".

She is seen tappin' her foot and smackin' her gum twistin' her hair when she is waiting but she is really bad at waiting meaning that she's impaitient.

She's also a singer and she talks with inproper english.


although she is a hero she is best friends with karma because they both feel the same about the leaders and wish they got payback she is daughter of wonder cat sister of katie


She has 7 powers:


2.Control of fire.

3.Transforms into anyone.


5.Sonic boom speed.