Karma cat color

she oddly is really never seen smileing!?

If you do it to me i will make sure it comes back after you!!!


Karma cat is a cat who is on the bad side and is a cat that looses her temper easy and will also make sure the cat who did it will pay.Alot like taylor who hates to be bossed around they both feel the same about that,

taylor and karma share a frenime ship


she was born sister of taylor and katie but when was a baby crawled out of

here house and was found by shadow cat who was of couse the mother of

ame,vanna and vannessa she rased karma as her own,but karma was never

told of this!(sad)


she alike most villans and heros has 4 powers

1.transforming into anyone

2.trouble bubbles (large bubble gum bubbles that can trap thing)


4.laser eyes(the only thing to pop the bubbles)